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Apr 4, 2010
Didn't PBH claim somewhere that they were ISO/CMMI/Six-Sigma certified?

Geez! This can only happen under PBH.

Actually, I would love to see the same episode, but with Wally as PBH's victim and not Dilbert. That would be fun!
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Apr 4, 2010
I tear came down my cheek when I read this.
Apr 4, 2010
Thanks for this rather timely strip -- and I didn't even send in a suggestion. Who from our office is your mole -- I owe them lunch!
Apr 4, 2010
Thank you, Scott.
This strip made me realize just how much of a PHB my best friend really can be. I did some work for him in 2006 and this was, unfortunately, a common conversation.
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Apr 4, 2010
I'm a pretty hard and effective worker, but I use Wally's advice about caring often. The more things get really bad or out of control, the less I start worrying about it and caring what happens. I allows me concentrate more on getting the problem resolved and be more effective. Caring to the point of fretting just impedes your thought process.
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