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May 30, 2013
Looks like the garbageman's "whistle-blower" has been muzzled...
Apr 18, 2010
@nelkins - Irrespective of Asok's social skills and his understanding of the dark side of the corporate world, there is one thing that you should never call an IIT'ian...and that is a 'donkey'! Remember when Asok below off a loud mouth Texan's head just by thinking about it? :)
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Apr 15, 2010
Remember when Wally went to a vet (see: http://www.dilbert.com/strips/comic/2002-11-30/). That one was a classic.
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Apr 13, 2010
Looks like Wally went to the vet for a jowl enhancement.
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Apr 13, 2010
So is this how "weasels" are created?
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