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Apr 23, 2010
Wally sure has awesome logical skills. A pity he doesn't use them for constructive purposes.
Apr 21, 2010
I have seen lots of people at work who don't get much done but can't find one who resembles Wally. Wally manages to offend the boss, does not do anything and still keeps his job. I am sure there is one in my company but don't know how to identify.
Apr 19, 2010
Socrates will be proud there is a person like Wally in our time, his argument and logical thinking seems absurd, but he could make himself 100% unbeatable with his method!
Apr 18, 2010
Never thought catch 22 could be used to do something good.
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Apr 18, 2010
Wally brings truth and integrity to slacking.
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