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May 31, 2013
It's been awhile, and l am drunk, but l laughed out loud! Beautiful , classic PHB.
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Jan 27, 2011
Dexter, if you were in a comic, it wouldn't be worth reading.
May 12, 2010
Oh man...had I been in Dilbert's place, my response to PHB in the third pane would be 'Argh! How the heck have you reached this position?'
Apr 26, 2010
This type of thinking comes from the "Anything I don't understand must be easy" PHB. When I worked for MCI, the sales people would find out that one of our competitors was offering a trial of a new product. They would offer the same trial and indicate we would be better and cheaper. There next call would be to my boss. He would walk over to my group and tell us we had 2 months to produce a product. Believe it or not our Frame Relay product happened like that. Boy did we cut lots of corners. The bad part is that engineers are happy to please and we made it happen way too many times.
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Apr 26, 2010
A conversation overheard at AT&T, perhaps..?
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