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May 26, 2010
@vwillcox - With respect to your receipts and expense reports being shipped to India (from the UK) and them being regularly misplaced, I'll say your company got what they paid for :)
Not everyone in India screws up. They've got their A list companies and they have their F list companies too...

@jtg452 - Though I empathize with your situation it is exactly users like you who make an IT support guy go crazy because of the escalations that you tend to resort to even though the problem has been explained to you along with the timeline that it will take to resolve your issue...

I know I am going to get thumbs downs by the truckloads because of both my statements... :P
Fire at will...
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May 1, 2010
Ha ha - I can't put in expense reports until the I come back from a trip. Certain things like hotel and airfare are booked in advance (only one expense report per trip!), so I either eat a whole bunch of late fees or pay the bill out of pocket. So, I pay the bill out of pocket and then get reimbursed. Easy right?

Well, not really - if there's a credit in my corporate card I can't just get that money sent to me. I have to fill out a form and get approval to get MY OWN MONEY BACK. And OBTW they are on 90 day terms so from end to end often 120 days pass.
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Apr 29, 2010
nine_days: "Apparently I'm awesone." ? That's a very weak punchline.


I have to agree, I understand the 'joke' but it isn't really funny. The april 29 was hilarious though.
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Apr 28, 2010
This reminds me of some of my fights with the Dark Lords of the Payroll Dept at a one of my previous employers.

Once, the Payroll Dept missed the fact that I had been transferred to another division. Since I wasn't where they thought I should be, they removed me from the payroll (fired me, at least administratively). I checked the Thursday before payday to see if my check had been deposited (direct deposit payments went in Thursday, paper checks were handed out Friday) and it wasn't there. Instead of fixing it when I brought it to their attention, they decided that I needed to wait 2 weeks (one pay cycle) to get paid because they needed to 'get me back into the system'. When I pointed out that not only was that unacceptable (I didn't see why I should go without my pay check because of their bureaucratic bungling), it was also illegal (US DOL frowns on not paying folks on time), it didn't seem to faze them a bit. It took my immediate supervisor and his boss calling senior management at the company headquarters to get me paid (a hand written payroll check that that was actually signed by the company president came Fed-Ex Next Day delivery).
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Apr 28, 2010
When you read the fine print, you find out that the corporate card the company "gave" you has all of the liability going to you. If the payment is late, it is your credit score that gets punished. If the company does not pay, you are responsible for all payments.

I find it odd that a company can (as a part of your job responsibility) require you to charge something to your charge card, but another part of the company does not agree to pay it because "it was not authorized", so they expect you to pay it. In some parts of the world, this would be known as a scam, but in this context, it is simply being a good corporate citizen.
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