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Oct 1, 2010
Well, I can continue to work via remote access to my virtual machines in meetings, or my work output can be reciting the same crap you recycled from the 20 hours/week of "mandatory" meetings that were put on my Outlook calendar.

If you really wanted to provide a valid example, you would address the person in your tired dry lecture, make sure they heard the question, and then tell us how many failed to provide an appropriate answer.
May 23, 2010
The best one I can remember is the inconsiderate disrespectful subordinate who was skulking at the back of the room sullenly e-mailing during a boring presentation by his boss and accidentally hit reply all to a message that he shouldn't have. The "fly-bye" e-mail preview showed up on the boss's laptop, projected on the screen for all in the room to see and read something like "stuck in boring meeting with morons, will call you later". He's looking for new morons to play with now.
May 12, 2010
I really hate people that think they can multitask during a presentation. They are the same idiots that think they can drive while texting.

All it takes is to ask a question of one of theses idiots during the class. i just look for someone typing. When they say "what was the question" I ask for someone that was paying attention repeat the question. If nothing else, it helps me enjoy the class more.
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May 12, 2010
@econobiker: Oh, I can beat that one. I work at a law firm, and each summer we have law students who work for us for 10 weeks, on sort of a trial basis, hoping to get a job offer for after graduation. Well, we wanted all of the attorneys to get to know them, so the person in charge of the summer program thought it would be a good idea to relocate their offices halfway through the summer. Specifically, on Friday night of July 4 weekend. Starting at 5 PM. Of course, the future attorneys weren't moving their own stuff. No, that privilege was granted to the support staff.
May 12, 2010
I once worked for a company at which the engineering and sales management would schedule sales and engineering meetings at either 2pm or 3pm on Friday afternoons. Talk about an almost abusive type of schedule- at about 5pm all of us with lives and families (excluding the idiot VP of Sales and Engineering Manager- both of whom scheduled these meetings) would be almost unhinged. The meetings would go to 5:30 most times and sometimes 6pm! The rest of the office admin personnel would have left by the time we exited our conference room dungeon.

And this was before blackberries or laptops but on the cusp of cell phones adoption. Once we got wise to the go-late schedule issue, the few that had cell phones would have called their spouses previously in the day to have the spouse call their cell phone at about 5pm with an "emergency" that required them to leave. The rest of us would continue to suffer. Interestingly the VP of Sales and Engineering Manager never caught on to the "emergency cell phone call" exit scam since those two were so dense.
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