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Jul 16, 2010
Goodwill. St Vincent de Paul. Salvation Army. Pawnshops. Yard sales.

Probably could find one cheap, places like these.

OK, Mongobert; put me down for a nickel (I might go as high as a quarter).
Jul 16, 2010
Mongobert not sure. Mongobert better pawn than king. Maybe save money by buying used one? Or Mongobert think someone donate one. Mongobert think many people who post here have one they not use.
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Jul 15, 2010
mongobert: how much do you figure you will have to raise?

BTW, isn't Scott Adams an "old Pac Bell dude", himself? Just asking.
Jul 15, 2010
Mongobert going to start collection, buy OldPacBellDude a sense of humor.
Jun 24, 2010
The current generation has been taught to refuse direct human contact unless it is their decision. Funny that you have a $400 phone that you never use to call anyone with.

You email, text, BLOG, Twitter, FaceBook and use other applications on your phone to find your friends and update them on your status & location, A current favorite is Foursquare (http://foursquare.com/). never once actually talking on the phone.

Instead of just driving erratically, you can now drive disconnected from the whole experience. By steering with your knees and texting below the window frame, you avoid being caught using your phone while driving.

This is self taught anf there is no need for this class, except for those that were punished for being rude by their parents.
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