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Jun 27, 2010
Did Dilbert take the comatose lady out? Let's see what condition his tie is in tomorrow.
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Jun 26, 2010
@khpage Not sure if you were trying to be humorous or not, but I'll always give Scott the benefit of the doubt over pseudo-syntax, pseudo-grammar or pseudo-spelling error correctors. But just to make the point: no, the cop may not at all be wrong;

You are assuming that this man has his own brain in his head when he could just as easily been operated on prior to this by Dogbert and there may have someone else's brain in there in which case the policeman is referring to 'brain' generically as in 'brain matter'. the finger hit 'brain matter', or, 'the finger hit brain' as in 'the finger hit concrete'.

Ridiculous? Of course, but no more so than accounting trolls and a Boss who comes back from the dead after disapearing in the building's vent ducts and being shot out of it by Alice and Dilbert's air pressure machine. It's the whole point of Dilbert - anything goes.

Use your imagination and stop being finnnicky.
Jun 25, 2010
That is *two* apparent Negligent Homicides in 10 days (see 6/15/10).
Is this Dilbert or his serial killer twin, Dexter?
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Jun 25, 2010
The cop can't speak proper English - it's " hit HIS brain", thank you....
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Jun 25, 2010
Hmmm, middle panel, she's faking it!
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