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Nov 22, 2013
Wow first time I ever saw Dilbert have a mouth, not only once but twice!
Sep 17, 2010
@usessimpletools & @rasqual
The responsibility stated in that proverb I see played out in Chinese arts & literature is more like that of a master to a slave.
Not so much: I saved your life, now you are like my firstborn - but more like; you are now of my house.
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Jun 29, 2010
Ugh. Since I'm (Apparently) the only one able to use a computer in my school, I'm the go to guy to understand a computer. Admittedly, I like the attention and then glory, but it gets irritating in computer applications, where no-one pays attention for the THREE MINUTES where the teacher explains what to do, and so I have to help every yahoo cracking dirty jokes while I learned what to do. I'd be fine if people asked me how I made my slides so fancy, but it gets irritating telling people for the umpteenth time what they should already know.
Also, my mother constantly accuses me of messing up the wireless router because I need to reset it every twenty minutes because its a POS which she refuses to replace.
Still, it's not always bad being the tech genius.
Jun 29, 2010
For a time, I worked on the help desk at a hospital medical school. Anything with a power cord was fair game for support requests--which leads me to this story:

On a Monday morning, my boss got an irate phone call from one of the department secretaries. The secretary said that I had been working on her computer the previous Friday and now her desk lamp didn't work. For the record, the computer and lamp were plugged-in to different outlets. A thorough investigation was launched and the likely cause of the lamp outage was shown to be the housekeeper bumping the lamp plug with the vacuum cleaner.

The secretary did not feel the need to apologize--no doubt my repairs to the computer somehow caused the housekeeper to bump the power cord.
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Jun 28, 2010
Reminiscent of the old [probably apocryphal] tribal notion that when you save someone's life you're responsible for them in perpetuity.

Contemporary settings merely recycle ancient ideas.
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