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Jul 9, 2010
HaHaHa! I live this each day at my job. Where's the salt?
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Jun 30, 2010
I think I finally got it. The joke is on Dilbert. Dilbert thinks he's a good judge of character, but he's not. He's such a bad judge of character he totally misses the fact that he's talking to an actual slug, and the fact that his colleague has a slimy face .

I pity Dilbert in two weeks time when his project fails.
Jun 29, 2010
Great Scott! Did you do this deliberately? Love took a picture of me yesterday, touching the mind of our doG. Now you've made a comic strip, with Dilbert posting a note to some dumb slugs brain.
I hope the slug read the message, but some people will never change.
With a little luck, i'll get the message out. You've definitely helped the cause today, your input was timely, and in reality i'm energetic, but i still try to remember my manners.

Some people say i'm just a lazy old man, but i stick to my guns, and hope for the best. In truth, i just leave it up to God's Will.
Maybe you could have Dilbert judge my character. In real life my name is DANIEL, and in Wikipedia it says that God is my judge. I'm fine with either. So, what do you say?
(i'd provide the links to prove what i say, but i've been told that is rude behavour)
Best regards,
Jesus 2.3
Jun 29, 2010
I guess not too many Canadians saw this strip today! How else could it explain that no one else commented about the uncanny resemblance with our Great Canadian Postal System ;)
Jun 29, 2010
totally funny - it is a technique we project managers use around here! you can clearly see who the slugs are...but you are stuck with them because they are assigned to support the project or they are the subject matter experts leadership wants you to work with...so you hope by calling them higher and explaining how much you need them you can, somehow, get the slug to overcome his/her basic slug-y character.

Usually you, the project manager, feel good about the pep talk...and, if you are a glass is half full type, now sit back and wait expectantly for the slug to follow through because of your motivational speech and influential leadership style.

But ahh. unfortunately you are still working with a slug.
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