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Jan 28, 2011
June 2010 was an exceptionally good month.
Jul 12, 2010
Dilbert has come to the understanding that "There is no spoon" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzm8kTIj_0M). He is completely free of all issues at work, especially guilt. He was told to make up numbers and he did. He can now go back to his desk, add this task to his weekly accomplishments and creatively figure out which PID to blame his time to. Just another day in the office...........
Jul 5, 2010
I frankly didn't think that PHB would go so far as to throw the ball on Dilbert's face, right between his forehead. The word 'POINK' just highlights the sad helpnessness of Dilbert's work...*sigh*
Jul 1, 2010
@ varunachar
I fail to see the need for that. The little calendar icon next to the date above the strip is great. You can go back to any date you want. I (like Kalessin) recommend reading strips in order, but if you want "random" just pick random dates. You could also just change the date in your browser's address line. Just make sure to keep the yyyy-mm-dd format.
Jun 30, 2010
You mean you hand the entire 100 pages to your PHB, not a skinny report?
Or maybe you're lucky and don't have a PHB.
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