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Jul 26, 2010
Depennds on about whom the truth is.
If it's about other people it's ok, if it's about yourself...
Concerning Dilbert this usually turns out either "thank god i'm not working in al dilbert company" or somedays "oh my god I'm working in a dilbert company".
Anyway, the best truth I learned from Dilbert is, that sometimes you have to take a walk on the wally side of life. ;-)
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Jul 25, 2010
KauaiMark: It hit me the moment I retired.
Jul 25, 2010

Where I was has a very bad rep in some parts of my area these days. Nowadays they just run in temps and get whatever they can out of them, string them along till they get tired and leave so they aren't hired full time. I was one of the few full timers that started out full time.

I have some amusing and good natured nicknames I may use though.
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Jul 25, 2010
Of course this couldn't be because anybody failed to think outside the corporate box...
Jul 25, 2010
Today's cartoon proves its own point. I read it. And now I'm depressed....
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