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Sep 18, 2010
The PHB strikes me as the type of dingbat who writes inane comments online and feels the need to tell everyone that he was posting with his iphone, or whatever.
Sep 6, 2010
@garethm - You got 77 thumbs ups and I think you deserve that with the hilarious observation that you made.
Scott is openly rubbing it into Apple. I wonder where the fanboys are [:)]
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Aug 19, 2010
www stands for wait wait wait.
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Aug 18, 2010
LOL!!!, not counting the boss is a total nit-wit this so reminds me of my LG Dare, what a total POS that thing was for trying to browse with.
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Aug 18, 2010
the google it really exist! http://www.theonion.com/articles/google-launches-the-google-for-older-adults,5850/
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