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Oct 3, 2010
Yes, there always someone to witch this situation "has happened to them"...

Excelente one, one of the best I ve read for a while
Oct 3, 2010
Feel free to give me a thumbs down, but I "had" to share this:


Maybe they all need a motivational speaker as delusional as that.
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Oct 3, 2010
Scott Adams must work at my old job. This stuff really does happen.
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Oct 3, 2010
In DoD we use EVMS: Earned Value Management System

Which replaced CSCSC (C square; cost, schedule, control system criteria)

Which replaced PERT/CPM

Which came out of Polarus sub PMO.

Which was done w/o buzz words before the war machine became a growth industry.

All the evolving alphabet soup is needed is to keep any one from asking if the technical or manufacturing requirements of the work packages were delivered!
Oct 3, 2010
Does this really happen?
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