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Nov 16, 2010
Here's some more nonsense dribble:

“Values are regularly communicated and discussed to ensure awareness and understanding throughout the organization.”
“People are evaluated on values-driven practices as well as results—with zero tolerance for conscious values violations.”
“Decisions are checked to ensure they are in accord with organizational values BEFORE they are implemented.”
“Climate surveys and other perception-collecting activities are important components of organizational assessment and change strategies.”
“The degree to which people subscribe to and practice organizational values is a key criterion in hiring and promotion decisions.”
“People are rewarded for ‘Walking The Talk’.”
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Nov 16, 2010
Here's some ridiculous lingo I have collected over the years:

“I will build on strengths.” “I will maintain high expectations.”
“I will remain goal oriented.” “I will generate enthusiasm.”
“I will develop team synergy.” “I will champion integrity.”
“I will remain tough minded.” “I will encourage tolerance.”
“I will manage change.” “I will define expected results.”
“I will seek to understand people.” “I will remain flexible in thinking.”
“Values-Driven Organizations” “High Values Awareness”
“High Values Accountability” “Leadership By Example”
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Nov 16, 2010
Wally is a "buzzword bingo" aficionado.
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Nov 16, 2010
Scary: I googled "leveraging resources optimize client value stream" and got over 48,000 hits. So, yes, marketing !$%*!$%* is that widespread
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Nov 16, 2010
Reminds me of a joke:
Person1: Should I take up singing or drawing?
Person2: Drawing
Person1: Do you think my drawings are good?
Person2: No, I heard you singing..
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