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Nov 26, 2010
@ thespac; SA just did that to see if you would remember.
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Nov 25, 2010
I guess everyone has these kind of issues with their purchasing department. In my case, the people in charge of it, usually *cough*always*cough* make some deals with their "approved" vendors and we have to wait for months (if they arrive, of course), what could take 3 days when buying it off the net. And also cheaper. *sigh*
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Nov 25, 2010
Hey where are Bob's trademark sneakers??
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Nov 25, 2010
One of Bob's previous gigs was with the State of California, where he once unilaterally changed an order for dBase II to Lotus 1-2-3, because "it says right here it's a database, too."

An object lesson for those of you who say marketing doesn't work.
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Nov 25, 2010
@jo_jo_ba What's a pencil sharpener? lol
They aren't seen around the business world much anymore. Maybe when Asok requests a sharpener he'll get his switch!
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