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Dec 19, 2010

No, but thanks for the bad advice.
Dec 18, 2010
Engineeringly ironical.
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Dec 18, 2010
I gotta feeling that Dilbert get's it now.
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Dec 18, 2010
the bag of chips more interesting than the PHB. Hopefully the guy on the speakerphone wasn't Santa Claus attempting to make an order from Dilbert's company.....
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Dec 18, 2010
We recently had a video conference at work where this was an actual problem. There were two teams attending, one which had the presenter physically present, and the other which watched via streaming cam and listened via speaker phone. Whoever arranged for food that day did not take into consideration how loud individual Lays chips bags would be, and we actually had to stop the meeting, get everyone to open their chips and pour them onto their plates before we could continue.
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