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Dec 30, 2010
Yay for Alice! I'm sure if I were married to Alice I'd soon be dead--from suicide or homicide [see: Fist of Death]. But as a coworker who can issue-solve Internet psychotics, she rocks.
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Dec 30, 2010
webgrunt wrote:
"I agree she made the most logical call, but it's too bad it turned out to be the wrong one and she ended up destroying valuable technology. "

It seems that Dilbert agrees with Alice about the value of this future technology.
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Dec 30, 2010
Darn, I must have missed Alice dismembering zombies. But I'm not really surprised that they are less crunchy.
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Dec 30, 2010
Can we set up "Alice Testing Stations" where we work, too?
Dec 30, 2010
Classic case of 'exceptional reporting' (i.e., reporting of an event outside the normal for e.g., robots coming from future lol...Scott: you are really good :)). If this happened in my office it would go much the same, boss giving the same blank look and all...The only difference would be, in the end he would say, 'So if it's not an issue - why are you telling me this?'..
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