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Jan 6, 2011
An alternative to 'clarification' is 'assumption'. It works well till the assumptions are too complex to understand... My favourite is a 'chain assumption' i.e., an assumption that is based on other assumptions which is based on yet other assumptions and so on...

This obviously works for people like me who just like to work (regardless of the quality of the final result). For wiser people (like Wally), who find no value in working, clarification works better. Wally's favourite probably is a 'chain clarification' i.e., a clarification for a clarification which was for another clarification and so on...
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Jan 6, 2011
Knowing the PHB, the "clarification" would end up doubling the possible interpretations.
Jan 6, 2011
Correction. For Wally it is the engineering oath to do no work.
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Jan 6, 2011
Wow! Is "clarification" even a concept?
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Jan 6, 2011
Awesome! May the genius that is Scott Adams be blessed.
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