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Jan 12, 2011
One more proof power of "sex" in advertising. I have seen much funnier and smarter Dilbert strips, but they got less than fifteen comments. This one is up to fifty already ???!!!
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Jan 12, 2011
His tie is straight! Dilbert's gonna get lucky!!!
Jan 12, 2011
I as well have Pon Farr. 7 days a week 3 times a day since I was 12 :-)
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Jan 12, 2011
Geez I laughed out loud at that one, talk about referencing the old Hana Barbera cartoons.

Dilbert with the turgid tie and steam coming out of his ears,
Alice going from all calm to "oh Crap" in an instant and Wally leaving so fast his coffee cup is still hanging in the air.
I hope tomorrow's cartoon we'll see the wally shaped hole in the wall where he ran straight through it.

Now i can't wait for the twist. These 2 cannot mate, so something is going to happen.

Run Asok, Run.
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Jan 12, 2011
@usesimpletools - not every Vulcan or engineer necessarily has their first pon farr at the same age. It seems pretty coincidental that a once-every-seven-year event would occur for both Dilbert and Alice within a day of each other though. Unless it is contagious...
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