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Jan 17, 2011
In general it's a bad idea to ask an engineer any question starting with one of the "five W's".
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Jan 17, 2011
What is an engineer ? A real engineer is a designer actually but instead of to see or listen you use what is designed. If it does not work you understand it swiftly. An engineer can not say this is an art you can not understand it he/she have to make design understanable. So being a real one is not so easy.
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Jan 17, 2011
@jo_jo_ba: Not really. The reason is that you have a fad going, with everybody jumping in and undercutting each other. Little profit to be made there.
The early birds have already made a killing in selling to the trendsetters at high margins, and are not going to stay around for the mudfest.
Jan 17, 2011
Did someone slip Dilbert a massive dose of truth serum recently?
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Jan 17, 2011
Typical of managers to just throw out buzz words without any comprehension. This has happened to me before.
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