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Nov 18, 2011
I wish I was as smart as those neo-cons. Hey everybody, if you give me money it will trickle down to your or something...
Feb 6, 2011
Ha! A fantastic jab against Reagan-omics.

@saywhatwhat: Indeed, this past decade has shown us that strange juncture where conservatism actually rolls over to communism, where buisnesses get to claim that they are too big to fail. There's a novel someone wrote about a hundred years ago, I forget the title, where somebody wakes up in the year 2000 and discovers a world where economic darwinism has distilled and merged all corporations into one global coropration under which the entire world is governed. Everyone works for this corporation strictly out of civic pride and receives, in return, the exact same rations. It is clear that the author expects us to think of this world as a utopia rather than the disturbingly dehumanizing communism I expect many of us would call it; apparently he wrote the book as a criticism of the labor unrest and union wars of his time. I think there's definitely an important point to take from this for anyone who would be too zealously polar in their economic views (and if the irony of this novel hasn't already struck you, then you probably haven't thought too hard about your views in the first place).
Jan 27, 2011
@dns, big corporations are indeed problematic. When corporations have more power than the government, democracy becomes meaningless. Corporations act in their own interest - as they must to survive. With government, the people get to vote. A big country needs a big government; the trick is to keep it responsive to the needs of the people. Electing officials who appoint judges who can't tell the difference between the rights of citizens and the rights of corporations isn't going to help with that. Chanting the right-wing mantra about "big government" isn't going to help either. We need to look seriously at what government should and can do, and then look seriously at who is going to pay for it.
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Jan 27, 2011
The 'trickle on your heads theory'...
A veritable 'shower of gold' for the working people.
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Jan 26, 2011
Oh yes, in US Red necks, paranoid rights wing people, tear their shirt apart with the new Health care bill, cause "it will hurt too much the taxpayer pocket", but spending billions in baling out corporation, run by people that give themselves obscenely huge bonuses, it totally alright and OK.

It incredible how the right wing and corporations have brainwashed the US people into going against their wellbeing...
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