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Feb 1, 2011
Prescriptive linguistics is a messy business. Word to the wise...
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Jan 31, 2011
Ok, my last post on this, I promise. You'll see differing results depending on the source. Merriam-Webster calls out both spellings for both the noun form (dryer, drier) and the inflected or comparative forms of the adjective (dryer, drier, dryest, driest). Oxford does not, at least not that I've been able to find. Sooo, you could of course contend that the "truest" form of the language originates with, or at least is validated by Oxford; personally, that would suit me.

But, if you did that, we would surely not have "ain't" in any of our dictionaries either :-)
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Jan 28, 2011
That's awesome! When I was a very young lad, I used to say "sewerside" instead of suicide.
Jan 28, 2011
Can anyone recommend a good brand for rat hammers and where to buy them? It seems the ones they sell in Belgium can stain your clothes, it is also doubtful that these are allowed in handluggage, as they contain liquid (gel in the handle). I am lefthanded. I collect all tools, also chainsaws, but sometimes they are confiscated or stolen, even from checked in luggage!
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Jan 27, 2011
Agreed; logic seldom prevails when management is involved. But at least it gives him the setup for the "sewerside" line, which is the real point I'd guess. Wow, I've got way too much spare time.
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