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Jan 27, 2011
Ok, that cut and paste messed with the special characters, but essentially, you have

dryer, also drier
driest, also dryest

And I just had a thought- Scott could actually use this in the arc for this "Asok goes to Elbonia" storyline, but it was probably completed months ago. Engineers love to haggle about silly details- just ask us.
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Jan 27, 2011
Right on both counts ust! That's what I love about language- you're always learning something. The inflected form of dry (adj.), has the following forms:

dri·er also dry·er ˈdrī(-ə)r; dri·est also dry·est ˈdrī-əst - what a language we have, eh? The noun form- a device that dries stuff- also spelled both ways :-P

Not that I'm recommending etymology as a vocation, but as a hobby, it's great fun. If Scott ever reads these posts (doubtful, how would he find the time), he'd have to be thinking, "who are these people?? Seriously, get a life ya weirdos." I dunno; it's more fun than debating health care.
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Jan 27, 2011
This has got to be the dumbest strip yet. Using a stupid device like a "play on words"? Scott needs to give up while she is ahead.
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Jan 27, 2011
I have been to Switzerland (all be it for a very short time) and it was pretty nice. If I was Asok I would take the free plane ride to Switzerland, change my name and never go back.
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Jan 27, 2011
Maybe on the way to his sewerside mission, Asok will meet a youth in Asia.
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