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Jan 28, 2011
What are the odds that at some point bomb attacks against travellers and airports by terrorists become less of a threat than retaliation bomb attacks against TSA agents by sufficiently aggravated travellers?
Jan 28, 2011
@prabu - PHB told him he had to first fly to Switzerland
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Jan 28, 2011
I agree with Saywhatwhat, if security was someone attractive to you, it would be more of a Pat-Dance than a Gate-Rape.
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Jan 28, 2011
See, what happens if you don't listen to PHB and take Sewerside and instead try to travel in convenience..

I agree with most post that this TSA thing is getting out of hand..Hope someone else fixes it :-)
Jan 28, 2011
This is not paranoia. This is really happening, though not quite as extreme as Scott draws it here.

Yes, the first guy DOES look a little like Spock. And not only are the second guy's glasses fogged up, he's inside Asok's shirt, too.

I don't fly, nor will I, until this borderline-unconstitutional, stupid regimen of security theater is gone.

And the other poster is extremely correct. Those TSA guys better hope they never do find a bomb. I have a feeling it'll be the last thing they do if they find one.
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