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Feb 3, 2011
QuickBooks, anyone?
You know, the barely-adequate software that's riddled with bugs, has a terrible user interface and ridiculous tech support, but for those of us who work for small businesses, it's the only viable choice for accounting.
But at least we can spend hundreds of extra dollars on better tech support and upgrades!
SA, you nailed it again.
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Feb 3, 2011
CEO, Answer is simple, you are cheap and market is stupid for not realizing your plot.
Feb 3, 2011
@jhankwitz, it never interests management to improve the basic product, and the sales team couldn't care less either. They want features, big, bright, shiny features that look great on a glossy. You can shout at them for hours about how they should locate just a tiny amount of resources on improving the user interface or providing meaningful error messages, but they'll never listen. They don't actually have to use the software!
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Feb 3, 2011
@Bearface: Even before I went to school to become an engineer I worked at a grocery store chain and during my time there (this was only a couple years ago, as I got the job while still in high school) they implemented a new PO system which I had to use as a buyer. The thing was absolutely terrible, it never worked, it was counter intuitive, and most of the time it took three or so IT people to keep it functioning at all. We had to do all of our ordering and inventory on the thing pretty much too, it was just terrible but the IT people were fine with it as they never needed to use it and everyone else pretty much depended on their work. I mean really now, none of the buttons had words, instead they had large pictures... How am I supposed to know that a pipe means "search" and a hurricane means "quick file".

As for a more general example, when was the last time a game came out without an expansion in the works or plenty of DLC being offered for a small price? I get that this allows companies to release a product sooner and possibly offer more stuff as they're dividing up the cost, but I'd really enjoy at least having the first game address one story arc instead of only a fraction of it like SC2 did... I'm not even a gamer, but I can tell you that there's a big difference between the games I bought when I was a kid and the games now. SC1 had a full story and then the expansion for it added a new story while giving some extra continuation of the old story... SC2 is simply a third of the story that ends without the main conflict being resolved, or the secondary conflict being truly resolved, with only one issue really addressed.
Feb 3, 2011
I don't believe many companies do this on purpose, even Microsoft, but it certainly hinders actions from being taken to improve quality. You really have to question the motives of companies that charge you to deal with their crappy software.

Question is, why don't these companies remedy the issues on their Frequently Asked Questions list instead of providing yet another workaround? Patching symptoms will never get any results. Dealing with the Root Causes is the only way to go.
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