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Feb 11, 2011
Why would Catbert or PHB be concerned about being snatched up to work for Facebook? If they thought they were being snatched, wouldn't they have more of a "thrilled" look on their faces? After all, isn't just about any place a better place to work than their company?
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Feb 11, 2011
When was the last time Wally got a pat on the head?
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Feb 11, 2011
Wally proved again that he is enlightened as he sits there calmly like boodha while PHB & Catbert are horrified from the facebook hand.

Also, Zuckerberg finally realized that Wally has motivated many office-goers in a way that lead to more visitors on facebook and other such websites. Ironically Dilbert website is also one them.
Feb 11, 2011
At least Wally gets some recognition for his life's work.
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Feb 11, 2011
It's the Benny Hill principle in action. Pat, pat, the bald man.
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