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Feb 20, 2011
What ever happened to compromise? In MIS terms it was always fudge or nudge.
Feb 20, 2011
Wow, this is the first time in my memory that the PHB is right and not the idiot. You've come a long way baby. Goooooo management.
Feb 20, 2011
I've long suspected that the janitors lie about taking out all the garbage, the disinfectant they put in the mop water, and their denials about logging into my computer at night to send messages to their secret spy agency. Yeah, right.
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Feb 20, 2011
So Engineering has one day to mathematically prove that Sales and Marketing should be merged, Legal should be cut by 50%, HR and PR should be eliminated altogether, and Finance can be replaced by software which Engineering has just completed. Then recommend that the cost savings be split between Engineering and the CFO's bonus.
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Feb 20, 2011
Welcome to corporate America! Leave your integrity at the door.
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