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Mar 29, 2011
@LSPMartin, if you are the air, who cares to tell you the nefarious schemes?
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Mar 29, 2011
@LSPMartin, Dilbert is one of those people that look like they are actually listening. And yes it is a curse (blame it on his mother).
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Mar 29, 2011
Everything that has ever been made, or will ever be made, is made from something. But to make something you must play the Energy Game. And Energy Game has its rules.
1. You Can't Win.
2. You Can't Even Break Even.
3. And You Can't Get Out Of The Game...
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Mar 29, 2011
I guess the only green thing Dogbert believes in is the green chair he's standing on.
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Mar 29, 2011
This is true. No matter how 'green' the tech is it will always be made with oil based plastics and lubricated with oil and made with materials that are processed with electric or gas powered furnaces and while using machinery run on gas or electricity.
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