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Mar 29, 2011
wmbrainiac, I recommend doing some research. Solar is NOT the green source it is touted to be. Panels degrade over time, and will need regular and expensive replacement. The Photovoltaic cells in the panels are neither biodegradable, nor recyclable, and degrade in voltage output over time. By 5 years the average expectancy is 80% of original KVW output, 10 years between 20% to 40%. If your answer was really viable, then the “religion of Capitalism” would happily provide the service. Why not? No expensive drilling costs, no controls and waste disposal costs like with nuclear, but they would still be able to charge standard rates for power consumption. The “religion of capitalism” does work, and if you think it’s such a great idea, build your design, propose it to venture capitalists, and show the world just how great it really is yourself (and make a fortune while you’re at it!). Of course it really ISN’T a viable resource, and you’d lose the shirt off of your back if you did try it.
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Mar 29, 2011
We spent enormous resources reengineering our databases for Y2K. Someone said, "Let's for the hell of it leave one alone." We did, and it works just fine 10 years later.
Mar 29, 2011
eighty square !$%*! of desert-based solar power plants to generate steam, together with new transmission, lines can meet all of the country's power needs sooner, safer, and less expensively than the recommended 30-50 new nuclear plants recommended. technology is not the problem. the religion of capitalism is the problem.
Mar 29, 2011
The sooner the better, if you're a tree hugger whose love for trees > love for people. Ugh, tree huggers!
Mar 29, 2011
How about 2150? The later the better, if you're a fan of human longevity.
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