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Apr 18, 2011
Racism entails injustice and discrimination. However, not every instance of injustice and discrimination is necessarily racist.

If you (as in Die Hard III) walk through Harlem, carrying a sign saying "I hate n******," you are obviously being racist.

However, if you say that Argentina has more liberal economic laws than Brazil and therefore workers can be exploited more easily, you are being evil and greedy, but not actually racist.

I don't think CEOs care much if the workers they exploit are black, white, orange, purple or green.
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Apr 18, 2011
Wally has just managed to crank up the heat several notches - Emeril should invite him onto his cooking show....
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Apr 18, 2011
Great strip. First time I ever heard the term "bestshoring" but it's typical corporate-speak used for turd polishing. Just like the term "rightsizing" where there's nothing "right" about it. That term always drives me crazy.
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Apr 18, 2011
This is actually quite an old term--I used to work for one of the largest US based IT outsourcing companies, and they had a "Bestshore" strategy for years, which pretty much meant not only the lowest cost but most favourable labour laws country. As an example, 3-4 years ago, India (believe it or not) was getting "too expensive" so they moved some work to Brazil. However, it turned out the Brazillian jurisdiction they had the workers in had labor laws preventing shifts from being longer than 10 hrs, and since the company wanted to institute 4-day/12-hr shifts for this particular function, they looked around, found out that Argentina did not have that pesky labour friendly legislation, so they moved the function there instead. So, not even traditional outsourcing countries like India are immune to "bestshoring"
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Apr 17, 2011
Wally is a Zen master....
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