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May 8, 2011
Finally the only boss who doesn't care about what's up around is the top most boss - This only cares if his golf clubs are clean and ready and punishes others around for any disturbance :)
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May 8, 2011
Every boss in the middle of the managing pyramid behaves like that... One shoud really be very cautious when talking about spare/extra time. If you admit that you have extra time, you are given by more work without raise. But if you pretend you have lots of work but work normally, you are probably the one who gets the raise. Strange. People are paid according their ability to pretend something :)
May 8, 2011
Wow. This is my life turned into a Dilbert strip.
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May 8, 2011
Managers are driven by native CUNNING, not INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM or KNOWLEDGE.
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May 8, 2011
I spent my 30 year career like that. I was even admoninished for staying an hour late to ensure an important fix worked properly and not putting in for overtime because that looked as if I couldn't do my job in the time allotted and was trying to hide the fact.
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