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May 16, 2011
That's why I have this on my cube wall:

May 16, 2011
@hunt7575: Governmevt job descriptions are written like that when there is already a candidate in mind. The position description is tailored to exactly match their resume. This way, everyone else is either under or over-qualified. Someone has a computer engineer friend who wants a change of pace and is now going to spend his days skipping through the woods.

But yes, you are correct: "Your government at work."
May 16, 2011
I think it appropriate to today to mention this one. Your government at work: Last year the Forest Service flew a "Biological Scientist" job. Trees, animals, birds, fish, shrubs, forbs, right? Nothing mentioned about computers in the announcement. Started applying for it. About a third the way in they started asking for C programming language and two other programming languages that only a computer science major or a computer software major are likely to even be able to use. In a “Biological Scientist” job slot? With nothing said in the announcement? Considering how hard it was for some of my computer major friends (who were mostly geniuses) at OIT to learn C and similar programming languages to levels where they could design large software programs and debug them, whoever did the job announcement drastically screwed up. They should have either asked for a computer science or software tech person or contracted with a company to design a certain piece of software. There are a few crackpots like me around with multiple degrees that can do basic computer programming and taught myself to do some of that before computers became more advanced, but the level of programming they wanted in the announcement was very advanced. It was the type of skill level to produce large software packages that companies usually employ.

Bio Scientist, indeed...

Part of a larger trend today, unfortunately. Like I said, your government at work...
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May 16, 2011
I know just how Dilbert feels. Have a Team lead that would keep adding tidbits of what they wanted in an Excel script. Instead of vague instructions, tell me exactly what you need. I had to recode it 3 times. Would have saved a ton of time had they given me all the information at the beginning.
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May 16, 2011
you lost me at "He'd write....." we are talking about "Wally" here!!

As far as Wally is concerned.. be assured he will have such great excuses that would make PHB hit his head!!
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