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May 24, 2011
@Engineerbert: I may say I find a little bit "stupid" what criticizing other people's comments has become. At the beginning it was a little funny, and welcome, but now it's only a race for "finding other people's mistakes" in everyday comments. In the past, that was only a little funny comment from time to time, nowadays it seems more people are interested in this more than the subtle and ironical criticism Dilbert does about the world.

Please don't make comments only about other people's comments.
May 18, 2011
Recently (May 6th) Wally was contemplating "becoming a useful member of society". What's going on!
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May 18, 2011
"See the happy moron,
He doesn't give a damn.
I wish I were a moron,
My God! Perhaps I am!"

Thankyou Dorothy Parker. :)
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May 18, 2011
WOW! I'm always a lurker. I never post. Ever. But today, this strip speaks to me. Not a day goes by that I don't have this thought. I'm glad that I'm not alone.
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May 18, 2011
The extremely intelligent and the extremely not-so-intelligent are equally marginalized. The first group does not get premium parking spaces, however.
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