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May 29, 2011
Asok comes from India, where these things happen every day, in every organization. Why is he whining?
May 29, 2011
"So you're giving awards for something you don't understand" is the essence of this fantastic strip.
Scott Adams is a genius and unfortunately sometimes I find that the real work environment is even worse and more ridiculous than the one described in Dilbert.
May 29, 2011
Its best example which tells about right people never get credited for their work.Although giving rewards improves morale , it wont if wrong person gets it and actual person who spent hard work forgotten.
May 29, 2011

It all makes sense, when you consider the fact that human beings are little more than slightly more sophisticated apes.
May 29, 2011
It makes me so sad to see that many teams have an all-purpose victim in them.
I stand with Asok.
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