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Jun 5, 2011
If working in an open space environment was so beneficial why the heck would all the managers, directors and VPs be seated in cabins (let alone cubicles) whereas the rest of the workforce fought it out on the floor as if it was a stock market...?
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Jun 2, 2011
@sweetnsilly, You were right the first time, :-) should have been bowl. I'm normally good at spelling, but at 2 in the morning I don't check my work as well ;-) But then again bowel and other proctologists terms may well apply here :-)
Jun 2, 2011
@etmax - I thought about pointing out that "fish bowl" was spelled wrong. But then it occured to me that perhaps you really meant fish bowel. I've worked in places before that certainly FELT like the bowel of some hideous beast...
P.S. I think you have my red stapler.
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Jun 2, 2011
Isn't it amazing that PHB's find it more important to see their underlings than to have them do any actual work. I quit working for a company and now work from home. I find I sit at my desk working for anywhere up to 5 hours straight interrupted only by the occasional customer calling or my dog wanting to visit the back yard. I find I get 3 times more done than when I was working in an office, and that was even with 5'.6" cubicles. I think they've got it all wrong, the PHB's should sit in the fish bowel and the engineers should each have an office (preferably soundproof). Then the sky would be the limit. They should actually make this strip compulsory learning material in PHB school, but then again I think most PHB's probably never attended a formal school, they seem to get promoted because they aren't able to do real work. Anybody see the movie Officespace :-)
Jun 2, 2011
At my office they halted using skype messages to increase the noise levels!!
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