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Jun 16, 2011

I agree. Look at this comic where Carol calls out PHB for the same thing Wally does in this Comic:

Jun 16, 2011
@ Lupo, nexfraxinus, TheShadowNose, mikeoliver, sweetnsilly, dan414: The PHB is not suddenly getting smart. On the contrary, his reaction to Wally shows he knows what he's accusing Wally of for having done it for years. Wally's response nails it.

Once again, Wally:1, PHB:0. Sheer genius from Scott!
Jun 16, 2011
"When did we stop calling it leadership?" Touché, Wally! :)
Jun 16, 2011
Hey, he called and left a message on Ted's voicemail. That's not nothing! (It's better than what most engineers did at my last R&D gig.) Don't take guff from PHB like that, Wally.

Besides which, Ted's gonna get fired anyway...
Jun 16, 2011
Wally sounds like a lot of Senior Technical Staff Members in my job.
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