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Jun 23, 2011
If the "black hat" and "white hat" Search Engine terminology is new for you and you would like to learn more I highly recommend you visiting SearchEngineWatch.com to learn more. Search Engine Watch has been covering the search engines and online marketing best practices for 14 years.

Here is a link to get you to the specific info (as there is a lot on the site): http://searchenginewatch.com/search?q=Black hat
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Jun 23, 2011
Thanks for the black hat method explanations, which I was prompted to look up. Not an engineer type, I had thought of the good cowboy white hat bad cowboy black hat symbolism from the movies of old. But there are books on black hat techniques - you too can make $300 a day. ....
Jun 23, 2011
I'm surprised that Dilbert didn't do a little c.y.a. and ask for the request in an email ...
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Jun 23, 2011
red.... - see the posting about half way from here to 1st post
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Jun 23, 2011
Typical engineer. Sees only the facts and judges them by their accuracy. Doesn't win friends in management who see only the money and judges it by its gain.

But engineers will always have a job: engineers are people who will do for one dollar what any fool could do for two.

Gotta love those bridges built by the low bidder...
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