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Jul 12, 2011
There is a move in martial arts (whose name I can't recall) in which the strength of the opponent is used to effect your move and subdue the opponent. Wally has just done that to the PHB. The Zen of Wally, of course.....the PHB will now spend the rest of the afternoon waiting for someone to Twitter him as he sits by himself in his office. Wally should run as an independent candidate for President, IMHO....
Jul 12, 2011
I wonder if there are comment filters that could be applied to the site? Like, any comment that includes both "dog" and "glasses or any comment that includes both "Nikes" and "sale..."
Jul 12, 2011
Did... did Wally actually, so to speak, gave job to do to his boss?
Jul 12, 2011
I think Wally use to be a PHB. Look at the shape of the head and the sparse side hair. I think he wised up to the other side of work life and that is why he pwns all.
Jul 12, 2011
@Soldierboy - great find! Easier for people to follow this link though:

Shout out to tineye.com for making it easier to find the page where this image appeared!
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