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Aug 10, 2011
I can see why some people call this defamation against public relations professionals. However, I think Scott Adams is, as usual, just making fun of upper management. The pointy haired boss goes out of his way to find one unethical PR firm: Dogberts!
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Aug 10, 2011
I see your logic, but I think the strip has it best as it stands. Dogbert has no shame, remember, so wouldn't pause awkwardly before answering. The way it is drawn, when Dogbert tells them what the opposition is up to, Dilbert & PHB pause as the implications sink in. Then when the question is put to Dogbert (most likely by Dilbert) it is almost as a rhetorical question because they already suspect what the answer will be.
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Aug 8, 2011
Something that jumped out at me from this strip is that panels 6 and 7 should be switched. They ask Dogbert the question, followed by an awkward pause, then the answer.
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Aug 8, 2011
Re: Dogbert's tail wagging. I pasted the strip into a paint program and magnified it, and it shows *something* on either side of Dogbert's tail against the background of the chair.

So I'm satisfied: Dogbert is doing his happy wag.
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Aug 8, 2011
Dogbert's reply demonstrate how difficult it is to be humble and ethical at the same time....
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