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Aug 8, 2011
@ red33410
while this may be correct, "whom" is actually falling in desuse, so in respect to day-to-day talk it wold be more or less accurate the use of the alternative.
Aug 7, 2011
I read that last line from Dogbert with him fighting to not laugh between each word. :)
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Aug 7, 2011
Is Dogbert's tail wagging in the last panel? It's too hard to see with the drawing size and colours.

If it isn't, it should be.
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Aug 7, 2011
@TheShadowNose - No, there's a third category: The one that enjoys laughing at the references to other two.
Aug 7, 2011
So, you came, you spoke, doing some public relations, and you just got a -7* likes of the Dilbert's readers.

Now that is what I call a good work of PPRR, good enough for a member of the board of director of PRSA, Kirk Hazlett.

You should jump into community management as well - you would nail it!

* At the time this comment was wrote.

Best wishes.
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