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Sep 4, 2011
She's no Captain Kirk against Wally's Scotty!
Phasers set to FLAG spam not thumb it down.
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Sep 4, 2011
I think Wally decided to become an engineer when he used mathematical induction to prove that he'd never have to meet a deadline.
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Sep 4, 2011
Wally, the Master at avoiding work! This was classic.
Sep 4, 2011
People here have been calling it the Zen of Wally or calling Wally a Zen Master. But I've figured it out. It's the Tao of Wally and he's the incarnation of Lao Tzu, which literally means Old Master. He's more much more Lao Tzu than Buddha.
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Sep 4, 2011
Date: 15 August
Client: Can you provid me with the August data for a meeting tomorrow?
Me: I can only provide the August date on 1 September after we close the month.
Client: That doesn't seem very efficient to me.
Me: [No comment].
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