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Sep 12, 2011
This is so real.

If you do below average, you are fired.
But if you do above average, you get more work for the same amount of money.
There is no way of winning when you work for someone else.
Sep 12, 2011
I've had jobs in which I prayed daily to be laid off or fired. Those are the ones that typically last the longest. Perhaps it is their longevity which gives us the perspective we have of the company dynamics, wherein we realize that there isn't a single position or advancement that would bring us joy. No raise or promotion would change the futility that engulfs us as soon as we drive into the parking lot every day...
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Sep 12, 2011
This is the story of my life!! :)
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Sep 11, 2011
*sigh* It just illustrates how "productivity" gain works...
Sep 11, 2011
Scott, is this the best you can do on 9/11?
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