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Oct 4, 2011
Perhaps Wally will introduce the new engineers on the Zen nuances of online poker....the PHB will be happy because it will look like everybody is doing something....
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Oct 4, 2011
Boss 5 year befor I retired: Good news, we're merging with the IT department.
Me: How is that good news?
Boss: Better chance of promotion.

9 Months after merger:
Boss got promoted.
My section dismantled and staff promoted to my level.
Me: Why am I not getting a promotion?
Boss: You no longer have a staff.
Of course I kept all my duties and was even given new ones added on.
Then as my former staff retired one by one, guess who got the added duties?

Yup tell me it ain't so....
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Oct 4, 2011
Slavery is still legal, except that instead of buying slaves, you rent them. That way, when the slave is burned, you can get a fresh one and not worry about giving it food or housing.

Is called "wage slavery" when you are in a job you do not like because you live from paycheck to paycheck. Ridiculous cost of property makes this not only possible, but common place.
Oct 4, 2011
This is, of course, predicated on the condition that "better companies" (or, for that matter, ANY companies) are actively hiring.

Dilbert, unemployment rate. Unemployment rate, Dilbert. Get to know each other. Mix and mingle.
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Oct 4, 2011
my employer has acquired two other companies within the past five years. the employees of the acquired all bailed within six months following the acquisition...
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