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Oct 29, 2011
There are two kind of doctors. Those who are in for the money, and those who really have a vocation. Both charge around the same, but you notice when a doctor is for the money when he treats patients with a lesser health plan worse than those with a better one. They also start to suggest procedures that they can charge to the plan. And not the ones that give them a better understanding of the problem. My guess is that this is that kind of doctor.

Hope that none of you find yourself into the hands of a doctor like this.

Source: 20 years of taking my elderly mother to hospitals. BTW: You might like to add a sketch in which a doctor is talking to another person about the patient, as the patient and family where not there. Specially when you see the doctor telling the nurse to tell you something while you are in the same room.
Oct 29, 2011
Does Obamacare cover interns?
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