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Nov 7, 2011
Oh, poor bio with everyone voting him down. He's just trying to broaden our horizons with a new form of Engrish poetry. Let me try:

Butterfly in my soul
River of red running down my face
Words destroy all beauty
Stabbed my eyes out to find happy again
Suffer tomorrow like habitual
In silence, but this time for reality?
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Nov 7, 2011

YES Scott, you are a cartoonist.

My job has just begun based on future stuff.
Nov 7, 2011
Sorry for my previous comment it was meant to be the flag comment for bio, who in my estimation is either a ridiculous troll or a bot which scrapes the comments for context.
Nov 7, 2011
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Nov 7, 2011
When I was assistant manager at burger king, my boss would actually fight for her employees to get a raise. Now the most that was being offered for a person who did an outstanding job and exceeded all expectations was a 25 cents an hour raise. Kind of takes the umph out of it doesnt it? LOL
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