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Nov 15, 2011
khpage - or check your computer ? - mug is green/olive , tie is bright green/spring leaf
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Nov 14, 2011
Bio - might want to check your computer. On mine, Wally's coffee mug is gray, and his tie is green. The idea that Wally is in his cubicle doing something is all part of the mystique of the Zen of Wally. He just decided to prep everyone for his extended vacation back to the monastery.
Nov 14, 2011
Two awesome things about this strip:

1) The strip itself (I have a hernia. Thanks Scott)
2) This technology is actually coming to fruition
Nov 14, 2011
Whenever I begin to become overconfident about my own intelligence and craftiness, I visit the Dilbert comics. The brilliance that is Wally keeps me humble.
Nov 14, 2011
Lol Alice in the 5º panel...
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