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Nov 19, 2011
First time I tought: "Haha. If no one else knows it, then it must be nonexistent, because no one else integrates to it, no one needs their output."

Then I realised: I assumed, the other systems HAS responsible experts...
Nov 19, 2011
This strip proves that Wally is above even Catbert in the Chain of Manipulation. I wonder who would win in a face-off between Dogbert and Wally.
Nov 19, 2011
That's the information Wally got from Old Johannsen right before he passed away.

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Nov 19, 2011
If Wally is fired, the Zeberpupin systems radioactive containment will shut down, and brainworms will rule the world!
Nov 19, 2011
Wally is my hero. I'm afraid too many upper level managers are like Yoric's though and just figure anyone is replaceable with an intern.
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