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Dec 11, 2011
For Americans, this strip is allegorical. For us in Africa, it is frighteningly literal!
Dec 6, 2011
This is one of the all time great panels. I actually broke out laughing.
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Dec 6, 2011
@Ensoh: The only problem with reading it as the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party is the phrase "social justice" in the strip. None of the Tea Party rallies I've been to had any discussion of social justice. I think this strip is aimed at the left. (This doesn't mean that the right shouldn't be bashed, too, just that this particular day's strip was not aimed at them.)

BTW, my extensive experience at Tea Party rallies includes two in Florida in the summer. I strongly recommend AGAINST any protests in Florida in the summer. It's way too hot to stand around out doors.
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Dec 6, 2011
Score of -50, ShadowNose; now you see where being balanced and rational leads you!
Dec 5, 2011
I'm not sure I get it, is the rat guy like the progressive? Is it ok to mock them like this? Hahaha!
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