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Dec 8, 2011
I once worked till 10pm on a sunday; went home and at 1am the boss calls, "Be at the airport at 6am...you are teaching a course at 9am." Landed there at 8am...they stood me up in front of the class at 9am...and I think I spoke...spoke...spoke...something... Later they gave me an award for gawd knows what? Blabbering?
Dec 8, 2011
I bet this stone-age Tribe has some unique features... like pointy hair.
Dec 8, 2011
This is one area I've always managed to skip, the long journeys for no real reason. Last time I made the excuse that I was unavailable on the dates given due to some moving. I waited two weeks and nobody has actually bothered to check that I went to the other facility nor did they re-schedule another date.

This is the good thing about PHBs and account departments with a memory of only 1 week.
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Dec 8, 2011
My crappy paraphrasing of Yoda (StarWars): "...there is always two...a Master and his Apprentice."
Something like that...correct me if I am wrong. ;)
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Dec 8, 2011
PHB probably doesn't realize that he and Dilbert are in Tacoma.
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